Experience Unparalleled Performance with FlexiBull Latex Coated Gloves! Looking for work gloves that deliver exceptional grip, durability, and comfort? Look no further than the FlexiBull series gloves! These latex coated gloves are designed to provide unmatched hand protection and performance across various industries. Imagine having gloves that offer a secure grip in both wet and dry conditions, empowering you to tackle tasks with unwavering confidence. With FlexiBull gloves, you'll experience enhanced dexterity, flexibility, and outstanding abrasion resistance. Feel the difference they make and take your productivity to new heights! Feel free to customize the content further to match your brand's voice and website style!
10G 5 Yarns Polycotton Liner Crinkle Latex Palm Coated Gloves
144 Pairs/Ctn
Crinkle Latex
Knitting Wrist



How to produce the FlexiBull Latex Coated Gloves?

Material Selection:

We meticulously select high-quality materials for our FlexiBull series gloves, including liners such as polyester, nylon, and spandex & nylon blends. These materials provide the foundation for exceptional flexibility, comfort, and durability in our latex coated gloves.

Latex Coating Application:

Using advanced techniques, we apply a precise and even layer of latex coating onto the selected glove liners. This latex coating enhances grip, improves abrasion resistance, and ensures excellent dexterity, making our FlexiBull gloves the perfect choice for various applications.

Quality Control and Inspection:

Our dedicated quality control team conducts rigorous inspections at every stage of production. They meticulously examine the FlexiBull gloves for any defects, ensuring that only gloves meeting our stringent quality standards advance to the next phase

Packaging and Labeling:

The final step involves carefully packaging our FlexiBull gloves in secure and visually appealing packaging. Each package includes clear labeling with essential product information, such as size, liner material, latex coating type, and any relevant safety certifications

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Latex coated gloves are work gloves that have a protective layer of latex applied to the palm and/or fingers. The latex coating enhances grip, durability, and resistance to abrasions.

While latex coated gloves are generally safe to use, some individuals may be allergic to latex. For those with latex sensitivity, alternative glove options such as nitrile or polyurethane coated gloves are recommended.

Yes, ArmorBull microfoam gloves are available in a range of sizes from XS to XXL. Check our sizing guide to find your perfect fit.

Latex coated gloves find applications in a wide range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, gardening, automotive, logistics, assembly work, and general maintenance tasks.

Yes, latex coated gloves have good resistance to oils and greases, making them suitable for tasks that involve handling oily or greasy objects. The latex coating provides an enhanced grip, even in slippery conditions.

To choose the right size, measure the circumference of your hand at its widest point, typically around the knuckles. Refer to the sizing chart provided by the glove manufacturer to select the appropriate size for a comfortable fit.

Yes, latex coated gloves can generally be reused unless they are damaged or compromised. It is important to inspect the gloves for any signs of wear or tear before reuse and replace them if necessary.

To extend the lifespan of latex coated gloves, it is recommended to clean them regularly. Use mild soap and water to gently wash off any dirt or contaminants. Allow them to air dry thoroughly before storage.

While latex coated gloves provide good resistance to punctures, they are not as puncture-resistant as gloves made from materials such as nitrile or cut-resistant fibers like Kevlar. For tasks with a higher risk of punctures, consider using appropriate gloves.

Yes, in many cases, latex coated gloves can be customized with logos or branding. Contact the glove manufacturer or supplier to inquire about customization options and discuss your specific requirements.

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